Challenge Accepted….Part I

The World of AML training and ultimately elearning is changing. When we first started producing elearning courses in 2013 many firms in Luxembourg were still using classroom training and elearning was a futuristic, untrusted thing for many people. Today life is very different and the appetite for AML elearning is very high.

Regulators though (including the CSSF) are getting more involved in the training aspects and pushing firms to be more detailed in their training regimes. The recent press release from the CSSF (5 December 2019) and the subsequent sub-sector risk analysis for investment funds mark a new more in depth era for AML training.

At Governance People we have traditionally produced a range of AML elearning courses and targeted fund professionals with options including packaging AML / CFT Luxembourg and AML in Investment Funds into a single course.

For 2020, we say “challenge accepted” and we are currently building a very specific course for fund professionals based in Luxembourg that is based on the CSSF material and also includes our own comprehensive content. We think that this will be the most relevant AML elearning available for fund professionals.