New elearning Courses for GDPR – Do you process data from EU residents?

Undoubtedly, GDPR, the EU’s new general data protection regulation is the biggest change in data protection legislation for a number of years.  Any organisation that processes data of persons resident in the EU is implicated, so these new rules have a significant global impact.  The sanctions and penalties for getting it wrong are severe!

Ensuring that your employees are trained in respect of the new rules is one of the key obligations on an organisation and therefore we have launched our first GDPR elearning course as an introduction to the subject.  Actually, elearning is an excellent cost-effective way to train your teams:

  • Access available 24/7
  • Multi-lingual
  • Efficient, with no loss of time or travel costs getting your people into classrooms
  • Detailed reporting
  • Can be customised to your requirements and branding

Our GDPR elearning course is available in English and French and can be customised to any specific requirements of your organisation.

The elearning courses run on our multi-lingual web platform or can be installed on your own learning management system if you have one.