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AML elearning for CCAB Accountants….

In today’s complex world it is often difficult to schedule attendance at training events and the cost can be prohibitive.  Elearning is the perfect solution.

AML and Accountants

Accountants, auditors and tax advisers are required to follow anti-money laundering regulations as they come under the definition of DNFBPs, but many training courses are not adapted for their needs.  Being a client of an accountant is different to being a client of a bank (where AML elearning is often focussed).

Our Course

Our AML elearning course is specially adapted to accountants, auditors and tax advisers who need to understand MLR17.  The course can be taken 24/7 via our elearning platform.


Check out the course below.  If you are outside of Luxembourg, contact us and we can help you purchase the course offline:

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